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What a crazy year 2020 has been for us all! I know most of us can't wait to see the end of it! There have been times of uncertainty, fear and well, just plain old crazy! But we have made it this far and by God's grace there have been some great cakes and life has ticked along and yall, it's nearing the end of October! Did we ever think we would make it this far!? 

With each passing cake I continue to grow as a business owner and as a caker. It's not an easy path and the responsibilities of not just cake making, but the hours of invoice typing, sending quotes, washing yet another load of dishes and meeting every deadline can be at times daunting but at the end of the day I love what I do! I have never had a job that satisfies so much in me! Cake making is such a process. It starts with an idea, a sketch , ordering supplies, going grocery shopping, baking, buttercream making, decoration making and then at long last the final product is revealed and there is no feeling like it! To create something of beauty with no limitations satisfies the dreamer in me. I get to dream and fulfill those dreams not only for me but for every client that trusts me with their cake visions. The cakes have been flowing from my kitchen so head on over to the Cakery page and enjoy! God Bless you all!!

Symphony League Ball

What an honor to create this cake for the Symphony League Ball in Marshall Tx.
This towering confectionery delight, "Once Upon a Forest", was stacked with delicious tiers of lemon cake with raspberry curd filling and lemon buttercream, apple spice with salted caramel buttercream and vanilla with wedding buttercream. 
The base of the wonderland evokes feelings of an Enchanted Forest with greenery, birch branches, moss, flowers, pomanders and an archway all of which are made of sugar mediums. The hand painted flowers on the two base tiers are the perfect backdrop for the focal fantasy flowers that seem to be growing from the cake. The dangling blossoms halfway up only enhance the magic of the fairy lights sprinkled here and there. As the eye travels upward birch branches hug two of the middle tiers and almost to the top wrap around the top tier which holds a gazebo complete with dangling blossoms and vines. 

Silver Spoon Events will no longer be offering naked cakes. Here are some little beauties making their good bye appearance

As a cake artist there is nothing more pleasurable than creating a cake that is all your own, no theme, no specifications just your own loves, favorite colors and imagination. This is the result and I love it! I call her "The Julie Andrews". There were days worth of work in this piece but the satisfaction of fulfilling a dream cake is worth it! 

What an honor being asked to create this towering cake for the centennial celebration of the Rotary Club in Marshall TX this past August. The bottom tier had the year the club was founded while the square tier had the "Four Way Test", a motto of the rotary. The wheel had to be included in the design so it served as the topper completing the ensemble. 

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I was given the incredible task of creating this cake for the 70th anniversary celebration of St. John Berchman's Catholic School. It  was a fun day for families to come and enjoy live music, eat crawfish, jump in bouncy houses and of course eat cake!! Each tier was a nod toward the programs that St. John's offers which include not only academics of course but drama, music and basketball. As a fun little twist I made each math equation on the edible note cards to equal 70! 
 In yummy tiers of my chocolate with chocolate buttercream, strawberry with cream cheese and sliced fresh strawberries, lemon with raspberry curd filling and lemon buttercream, vanilla with wedding cake buttercream and Italian cream with cream cheese filling it was tower of deliciousness! 

 It wouldn't have been complete without a replica of the cathedral!

Happy 70th!!!!

100th Anniversary!

What an incredible honor and opportunity to be a part of the 100th anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce in Marshall TX! It was an evening that around 400 guests attended. Opening with a silent auction and flowing into a gourmet dinner provided by a local caterer and dessert provided by Silver Spoon Events it was unequivocally a night to remember!

This cake boasted seven towering tiers of our vanilla with wedding cake buttercream, chocolate with cookies and cream filling and chocolate buttercream and strawberry with cream cheese filling and fresh sliced strawberries it was a luxurious sight of confectionary delight!! 

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The Big Reveal!!

Here at Silver Spoon Events I have been extremely busy with the preparation for this beauty created for a very special bride! I have been anticipating sharing the finished project with the world! With over 6 weeks of work poured into the hundreds and hundreds of handmade flowers the final result was thrilling!

What an incredible opportunity!